Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery

If you are experiencing severe hair loss problems and need immediate cure, then it's about time that you considered hair transplant surgery. If performed correctly, hair surgery can help you restore your lost hair that not only looks natural but is also easy to maintain. However, the key is to find the right hair restoration specialist who has the necessary experience to carry out hair transplantation surgery. So, if you think you are a good candidate for this procedure, then read on to find out more on the topic.

Causes of Hair Loss

According to a study, it has been found that on an average we lose around hundred to hundred and fifty hairs on a daily basis. However, Androgenetic Alopecia or hair loss in men happens mainly due to genetic reasons. While few men suffer from hair loss in the front or the vertex area, many others experience severe baldness. According to scientists, the area where hair is prone to baldness is sensitive to the hormones found in male and further causes thinning or loss of hair in those particular areas in them.

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Hair Loss Surgery Procedure

Those of you who are planning to undergo hair surgery will be more than glad to find out that it is only a one day affair. Thanks, to the advancement made in the area of hair transplantation, today, all you require is a day off from your busy schedule so that the hair restoration surgeon can give you anesthesia and perform the procedure successfully. In fact, you can even watch television or take a nap while the surgery is being performed by expert surgeon.

Hair transplant surgery is used for correcting cicatricial alopecia, androgenic alopecia (AGA) or any other type of hair loss problem in both women and men. Your surgeon will first prepare you for the transplant procedure by removing hair follicles from the back of your head and relocating or implanting them to the balding area. Even before the surgery begins, the hair that will be removed surgically will be trimmed and then your doctor will give you anesthesia. Following this, the surgical technician will use microscopes to have a look at the donor tissue so that they are able to dissect it and further prepare follicular units hair grafts. Once this has been successfully done, the surgeon will make tiny incision in the balding area on your scalp and then place the follicular unit graft carefully into these very tiny incisions. Post operatively, you will experience scabbing and redness in the area where hair has been transplanted. However, this will fade away in a matter of one week.

Is It Really Successful?

It requires a highly skilled hair restoration surgeon to perform this procedure successfully. Once performed, you can expect satisfactory results as it is a method where bald resistant hair follicle are relocated from the donor region to the balding area on your scalp. In fact, if your surgeon is able to offer this procedure with success, then even your hair stylist will not be able to make out whether it is your hair or someone else's.

Cost of Hair surgery

If you want excellent results, as far as hair surgery is concerned, then make it a point to consult hair restoration clinics that solely focuses on offering hair transplantation, is well equipped and has well trained staff members as well. Today, it has become much more affordable and offers fuller and thicker results. The fact that there is huge competition in this sector and more and more hair clinics are being set up across the country, you can expect surgery to cost anywhere in the range of $3 to $8 per graft but our clinic offer 1.5$ per fue graft. What you must also bear in mind is that the cost of every graft will drop as the surgical session's size increases. When it comes to opting for hair transplantation , what you really need to do is consult, an expert hair surgeon who will help you evaluate your problem, the hair treatment options before you and the overall cost of hair transplantation. Don't simply rely on any surgeon or clinic, instead do a bit of research, cross check the details and speak to people who have already undergone the surgery to find out whether it is actually effective or not.

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