Hair Transplant cost in Pakistan


Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is a basic and common question that every hair loss patient wants to know in advance so that he can plan hair restoration surgery procedure according to his budget.Cost of hair transplant in Pakistan depends upon various factors, such as number of grafts,techniques like FUT vs FUE, and reputation of the hair surgeon, qualification, operation theater, laboratory charges, staff and medicine cost etc. Following questions come into mind when some one thinks about surgery. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan

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FUE cost in Pakistan

How much does FUE hair transplant cost in Pakistan?

Cost of Fue in Pakistan is charged per graft or follicle basis. FUE procedure has higher cost due to one by one extraction of each follicle. It is more skilled and microscopic procedure. Our hair clinic in Pakistan has cheap and affordable hair restoration packages for FUE procedure FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure cost or price (1.00$/graft) Fue hair transplant in Pakistan
  • Fue 1000 grafts or less = No Discount on 1000 grafts 1000$ or 100,000 Pak rupee
  • FUE 2000 grafts= 2000$ and after 30% Discount 1400 $US or 140,000 Pak Rupee

  • 4000 FUE grafts = 4000$ and after 30% OFF 2800$US or 280,000 Pak Rupee

  • Strip (FUT) Surgery 2500 Follicles = 800 $US or 80,000 Pak Rupee after 20% Discount.

How many grafts in one day can be transplanted by FUE technique?

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS, MD (Paris), Visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France, is an experienced surgeon and performing 2500-3500 grafts per day by FUE method. Dr Ahmad has 16 years of experience in hair restoration in Pakistan as well as abroad. Hair Loss solutions,the best option? Our doctor will guide you during initial consultation whether this procedure is the best option for you or medical hair restoration should be given chance for treatment. You can also take online consultation by sending us your pictures via email. Baldness treatment via surgery in early ages is not the preferred method for regrowth of hair on scalp rather there are many products or growing products available. When baldness or alopecia is visible, that is the proper time for this procedure. The cost in Pakistan is affordable and mostly one session is enough; however when male pattern baldness is extensive like Norwood Class 6 or 7 then 2 sessions are good enough for reasonable density. Surgical replacement is a permanent method of hair restoration on scalp. Eyebrow, moustache and eyelashes and transplantation is being performed by follicular unit extraction (FUE) in Pakistan. When we compare hair transplant prices in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Singapore, Thailand, Spain and Switzerland then we find cheaper FUT/FUE procedures in Pakistan. Appointment Form Photo Gallery
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