FUE hair transplant latest innovation for hair loss treatment

The most effective technique to treat hair loss permanently is known as FUE hair transplant . Nowadays, many people are going for hair restoration procedure. Follicular unit extraction shows positive and more dense results in male pattern baldness as compare to women. Therefore, the surgeon highly suggests men to go for FUE technology to treat their baldness. It is expensive but very effective solution for the hair regrowth. If you want to make regrowth of hair painless way then Follicular unit extraction is the best for you. To make FUE procedure successful, it is very important to consult with creative and experienced surgeon. One of the most important thing to remember while going for FUE procedure is that you should properly consult with the surgeon about the type of  hair loss pattern. You should know, if there is any chance of hair regrowth and success rate of this latest hair restoration technique. you may also ask to our doctors about Fue hair transplant latest innovation for hair loss treatment. 

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Hair Loss treatment through FUE hair transplant


FUE latest innovation and technique is the best solution to treat hair loss problem. If you want to get rid of hair loss problem permanently then, you should take decision to do hair loss treatment by using FUE technique because it is very effective and show 99 percent positive results. According to surgeon, about 80% of men get relieve from the hair loss problem with the help of FUE procedure. Therefore, you should choose FUE technique before going for male or female pattern baldness.  Follicular unit extraction is basically developed for those persons who do not want to undergo for strip surgery.

what will happen to donor area after fue procedure?

FUE - best for male pattern Baldness 


As you know that there are two main techniques of hair regrowth that are using worldwide to make people free from hair loss problem but it is proved by many researches and studies that FUE hair transplant technique is best and more appropriate for male hair loss pattern. You should first take all information about  FUE hair transplant technique then take any decision whether to go for it or not.

Advantages of FUE hair transplant latest innovation for hair loss:

You must be excited to know about the advantages that you can get from FUE hair transplant technique as compare to strip or FUT procedure. These are as follow.

  • It gives equal results when we compare to FUT technique.
  • It is best for male pattern baldness and all developed countries adopted it.
  • After the procedure, you don’t need to use any hair growth spray because your hair will grow naturally.
  • Healing is quick and less time to recover after follicular unit extraction.
  • Scars in the donor area are almost microscopic and invisible while FUT or strip surgery give long linear scar from ear to ear 22 cm to 26 cm long.
  • After this procedure , patient can travel anywhere in the world, as no need to remove stitches.
  • Chest and beard hair can be used to add more density to scalp by this technique.
  • We can cover preexisting scar of FUT or strip surgery by this technique.
  • Minimal time is required for graft preparation as motorized machine extract individual graft.