fue hair transplant results after 3 months

FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) involves extraction of hairs from donor area of scalp and planting them in the bald area. This hair transplant method uses a person’s own hairs for curing his baldness. FUE hair transplant is latest technique; most practiced and advance baldness treatment for hair regrowth which promises thick, healthy and natural looking hairs after 9 to 11 months of surgery. Follicular unit extraction is bit expensive than other available hair restoration methods but it promises better results with less side effects and short time required for recovery.

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This is to be kept in mind to extract hair follicles from the donor area of scalp surgeon uses pointed needle like instrument thus it causes swelling and redness in the scalp, so is the case with recipient area (bald area). Keeping in view the instrument used for hair extraction and implantation redness and swelling is not astonishing, but it is quite normal. Whereas in some cases scalp may bleed (this happens with people having extreme sensitive skin). This redness and swelling is almost gone after 7 to 11 days of first session of FUE  and completely gone after one month.

Small, thin and rough hairs start to appear on scalp after two months. At this stage (after two months) the hairs will be grown by size of few millimeters. We strictly advice not to touch these hairs as they are delicate. Patients may also feel itching on the scalp but touching and rubbing is  not a wise plan.

After 3 months of FUE hair transplant hairs are grown up to ¼ inches. Every month growth of newly transplanted hairs is also ¼ inch. These hairs will be rough and may be weak. But this is not something to worry about as these hairs will become thick and strong with passage of time. Newly growing hairs may look like bad textured and not having life. Many patients get disappointed by this time but patience is the best option. Some patients may see curled hairs coming out of their recipient area and rest of the hairs are straight and fine textured, but they must not be surprised. It is quite normal and expected. Human body is complete giant machinery which has assigned each organ a specific task. All organs of this machine are using a cycled process for its working and this cycle will take time, obviously. So is the case with planted hair follicles in the scalp. They are to follow a complete cycle before looking like naturally grown and becoming a native of the scalp.

Thus after three to four months of hair transplant a person who undergone a FUE procedure must expect small, weak and rough hairs. Though it is seen in experiments and medical science practice that some patients experience hair growth earlier; i.e. after two months but most likely it is expected to happen after three months. While it can be surely stated that no pain, scar, swelling or redness will be experienced by a patient at this stage.


Three months later Fue resultls 

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