4429 FU's Hair Transplant by F.U.E Technique - Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore Pakistan-Cosmoderma clinic 

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan for the last sixteen years. Patient Mr.AL came to his Cosmoderma Clinic for initial hair restoration consultation. He searched on internet regarding hair transplant clinic reviews, before and after photo gallery, hair loss treatment options and live testimonials. After going through all research he came to our clinic. He has a long list of questions during initial consultation. Dr.Ahmad took all those questions and answered one by one and explained each and every step with photos of previously operated patients. Then patient AL asked to meet personally some of our  previously treated patients so that he could see results with his eyes.  As per his request Doctor Ahmad Chaudhry arranged meeting with a patient who has frontal and crown area Fue hair transplant in Lahore -Pakistan in a single mega session. After examining thoroughly from behind, front area and asking few questions from patient Mr. N , got satisfaction and proceeded for follicular unit extraction procedure. There are some advantages over classic FUT or strip procedure .

Date of hair restoration procedure 17th Dec 2015 

Single hair follicles    = 472

2 hair follicles         = 2039 

3 hair follicles       = 1918

Total Grafts /follicles = 4429

Total hairs             = 10,304

All follicles were extracted by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and placed by his team.

Growth of follicles is expexted after 3 months and it will take nine to eleven months to see maximum results. Those who want to see hair regrowth monthly basis , visit our growth chart.

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4429 follicles by Fue technique for front and crown/vertex  Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry -hair transplant surgeon- with patient  

Fue hair transplant 4429 grafts step by step Fue post op week two

Fue donor area hair regrowth