Dr. M. Ahmed Chaudhry

Visiting Associate Professor
Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France
M.B.B.S. (K.E.Pakistan) , MD (Paris)
Diplomate French Board of Hair Restoration Surgery(France)
Specializes in Laser Surgery (Paris)
Member ISHRS (international Sociaty of Hair Restoration Surgery) USA
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Hair transplant Surgeon Doctor in Pakistan.

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is most popular and extensively result yielding surgeon in Pakistan. He is the visiting associate professor at the Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 in France. Carrying a MBBS degree from the most renowned medical college of Pakistan, the King Edward Medical University, the surgeon also holds a MD and Diplomate from French Board of Hair Restoration in France. Dr Ahmad is a renowned surgeon who remains busy in treating people hailing from all over the world. The people of Pakistan have been availing his services and major contributions to the field of hair transplant and laser surgery. The surgeon is not only practicing in Lahore but also visits Paris Lyon (France) and thence offering his experience to people of different territories. The surgeons is extremely amicable and this is why the patient is totally at ease with him and this also contributes to the quality of the result. Dr Ahmad Chaudhry’s hair transplants can be observed easily since the past patients add to the surgeon’s website and blog. Moreover, pictures of the results are also available to view on the website. The potential candidates can easily see and gather information about the methods that Dr Ahmad Chaudhry uses while the patients’ testimonies give a clear proof of his expertise and skill. The hair surgeons in Lahore are few and this is a merit for Dr Chaudhry. The patients, who come to Lahore or are living there, always consider the surgeon before any other. The reason for this is that the practitioner is a first choice for many people due to his accolades and achievements. A patient might find several surgeons for skin and other feature related correctional procedures but the hair surgeries are popularly linked to only one surgeon in Lahore. There are several hair centers that offer cheap and quick solutions for baldness but these centers have many doctors and it is not necessary that a patient is always treated by the same doctor. The sensitivity of the hair transplant procedure requires a single surgeon to handle a case since he knows the whole procedure that was used and is aware of each graft and how the results were brought about. It is easy to contact the surgeon because he is available to all visiting patients and offers the friendliest and most humble environment to his patients. A person considering the hair surgery while living in any other country of the world must first of all browse the web and explore all options. It is no surprise that Dr Ahmad Chaudhry is best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan and best choice.Patient can hold an online consultation with the doctor and then proceed with the travel and accommodation arrangements to avail the best services available. Dr Ahmad Chaudhry hair transplant surgery is very result yielding and he is one of the few surgeons who have raised the reputation of Pakistan as an excellent hair restoration surgery destination.Common search terms:- best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan hair loss treatment specialist in Pakistan hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan fue hair doctor in Pakistan.