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 Diabetic Patient Hair Transplant

Whether Diabetic patient should undergo for hair transplant surgery or not? The preferred method in a diabetic patient is Fue or follicular unit extraction due to quick healing and recovery. Some facts before undergoing a hair transplant procedure in a Diabetic patient.  There are two kind of Diabetes called Type 1 ( patient inject insulin on daily basis to control) and Type 2 (patients take Medicine or tablets to control it).

The important steps before a hair restoration surgeon should keep in mind like pre-operative, during procedure and after procedure or Post Op care. Diabetic patient can get his or her hair transplant provided it should be controlled. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry often performed follicular unit extraction procedure in a diabetic patient on Feb 1st 2016 and see his results after one year. 

fue -2546 grafts results in Pakistan

Diabetic patient before hair transplant

Left sided view before procedure

Frontal area fue 2546 grafts Dr Ahmad Chaudhry

Best Fue procedure in Pakistan

Best Fue hair transplant results Pakistan

Pre Operative Planning

  1. Routine medical tests are recommended before procedure and switching over insulin 48 hours earlier if patient take medicine or tablets.
  2. Check up of blood sugar level before breakfast on procedure day and then just before start of procedure. It should be controlled.
  3. As Diabetes over the period of many years decrease micro circulation of scalp as well so dense packing is not advisable.
  4. An ECG is advisable before hair restoration procedure.

Intra Operative Planning


  1. Check up of blood sugar level regularly during hair transplant procedure so that it should be managed accordingly.
  2. Recipient and donor area anesthesia with adrenaline should be more diluted than normal patients as this step would decrease chances of necrosis due to poor circulation in scalp.
  3. Procedure should not be prolonged more than 4 hours.
  4. If patient has high blood glucose level during procedure then administration of regular insulin 6-10 units are recommended depending upon glucose level.
  5. Steroids like prednisolone should be held during procedure in a diabetic patient.


Post Operative Recommendations:-

  1. Try to avoid tight bandage after FUT or FUE procedure in a diabetic patient.
  2. First post Op day washing of donor and recipient area with Normal saline or sterilized water.
  3. Check up of blood glucose level before breakfast and regularly monitoring for next few days till complete healing and recovery of donor and recipient area.
  4. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry used to advise every diabetic patient after hair transplant to send close up pictures of recipient and donor area so that any sign of infection or decreased healing can be examined and treated accordingly.
  5. If blood sugar level in control range then start of Asprin on 3rd or 4th Post op day to increase blood circulation.

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry used to explain every Diabetic patient that hair restoration procedure could be possible. Preferred method in diabetic patient for hair transplant is follicular unit extraction for fast, quick recovery and incision free procedure. There should be medium session containing less than 2000 grafts. No dense packing is advised and grafts should be spread out diffusely. However it is important to explain all these important aspect of procedure and limitation to a diabetic patient.